Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Internet Advertising Competition Awards 2008

These are the winners of 2008 Internet Advertising Competition Awards

-Smashing Ideas for Nintendo Picross Evolution (Best Ads the Client Did Not Pick)
-Xylem CCI for Jack Link's Warm Wishes Email (Best of Show Email Message)
-Mr & Mrs Smith for Get A Room (Best of Show Email Message Campaign)
-Critical Mass for SUPERVALU's Selection '07 Interactive Campaign (Best of Show Integrated ad campaign)
-Texturemedia for PENTAX Photo Gallery (Best of Show Interactive Application)
-McKinney for Wakey'z Website (Best of Show Microsite/Landing Page)
-i33 communications for PBS (Best of Show Online ad)
-RDA International for NIVEA FOR MEN Up 4 Anything Dream Week Contest (Best of Show Online Campaign)
-BGT Partners and FedEx for FedEx LAC Sales Team Intranet Redesign (Best of Show Online Newsletter Campaign)
-Mullen for Mobile Nuance Type Test Banner (Best of Show Rich Media Online Ad)
-Advanced Medical Optics, Lauren Kanner and Ignite Health for Reality LASIK (Best of Show Rich Media Online Campaign)

Let me update more on this once I find the related advertisings.

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